PyTrial: A Python Package for Artificial Intelligence for Drug Development. [Doc] [Paper] GitHub Repo Stars
  • A comprehensive package for various AI applications for drug development, especially in clinical trials.
  • Achieve tasks such as patient outcome prediction, synthetic patient record generation, patient-trial matching, trial site selection, trial outcome prediction, trial similarity search.
  • Complete tutorials with examples for a fast ramp-up in using this package.
  • TransTab: Transferable Tabular Transformers. [Doc] GitHub Repo Stars
  • A flexible tabular learning and prediction method that supports learning from variable-column tables.
  • Support varaious tasks such as tabular pretraining, transfer learning, and zero-shot prediction.
  • MedCLIP: Pretrained Medical Vision-Language Model. GitHub Repo Stars
  • Contrastive pretraining of medical VLM on unpaired X-rays and radiology reports.
  • Provide off-the-shelf pretrained VLM for further use.
  • Trial2Vec: Clinical Trial Similarity Search. GitHub Repo Stars
  • Self-supervised training to encode clinical trial documents into semantically meaningful dense embeddings.
  • Provide off-the-shelf pretrained language models for trial retrieval and pretrained embeddings for downstream tasks.
  • PromptEHR: Synthetic EHR Generation. GitHub Repo Stars
  • Large language models as neural databases to memorize and generate electronic healthcare records (EHRs).
  • Provide off-the-shelf pretrained language models for synthetic EHRs generation.